Robert Earl “Butch” LeDoyen ’62

Robert LedoyenRobert Earl LeDoyen passed away June 16, 2017.

He was born to Matthew Weaverly LeDoyen, Sr. (Buster) and Jessie Virginia Culpepper, on May 2, 1940.

Preceded in death by his parents and co-parents: Christine Newman LeDoyen and Presley Maxwell Adamson, Jr.

Left to cherish his memory are his beloved Susan Stewart, sons: Robert Edward LeDoyen (Kary Hyed); James Allen LeDoyen (Candice Anglin LeDoyen) and their mother, Ann Stevenson LeDoyen; grandchildren: Yeoman First Class James Dean LeDoyen and Claire S. LeDoyen, sisters: Sharon LeDoyen Miller; Becky Adamson Walker; Ida Adamson Patykula; and brothers: Matthew Weaverly LeDoyen, Jr.; Presley Maxwell Adamson, III; Jeff Adamson.

On his journey he had many interests and enjoyments including: family (large family with lots and lots of cousins), friends, soccer, Davidson College, bridge, travel, the stock market, reading, classical music, art, food, and wine

He had a strong belief in and strived to conduct his life as guided by the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”(Matt. 7:12).

He attended Davidson College and believed strongly in Davidson’s Honor Code and Legacy of Trust. As stated “Davidson avoids self-righteousness or arrogance. A community built on trust and honesty by definition practices patience, compassion and forgiveness. Whatever field they choose, Davidson alumni honor the legacy that a culture of trust bequeaths: a life lived courageously and wholeheartedly in service of something that matters” – Dr. Carol E. Quillen President, Davidson College.