Alfred F. Mackay ’60

Alfred F. Mackay of Oberlin, Ohio, was born October 1st, 1938 in Ocala Florida, and died on September 29th, 2022.

He graduated from Ocala High school in 1956, and later from Davidson College. He served in the US Army Airborne for two years before attending the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill where he earned a PHD. He was hired to serve Oberlin College in 1967and retired in 2011. For most of those years he taught Philosophy. For one decade he served as the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, and later served a few years as Provost.

Philosophy was a field that just suited him. He could think thoughts in many directions and write about most of them. He enjoyed sharing these with his students and was a gifted teacher. Alfred loved music and was a singer, a generally quiet person with a quick sense of humor. And he was kind.

His immediate family, wife Ann; sons Douglas (Nury) of Charlotte and Robert (Susan) and grandchildren Sophie, Max and Stella of Portland, Oregon miss him and cherish the time they had with him. His siblings George (Lynn), Buddy (Anne), and Elizabeth Fisher (Bob) survive him.