Tomm Lorenzin ’92

Tomm Lorenzin passed away after a heart attack on Aug. 23, 2014, in Winston Salem. He was 67.

Tomm was a true Renaissance man. He was a lifelong learner, an amateur photographer, astronomer, and author. His passions included the sciences, art, and nature. He kept an encyclopedic website chronicling his interests and photos at

Tomm started his career as an industrial engineer in Chicago, was a stay-at-home dad while he wrote an astronomy field guide, and ended his career working for Microsoft.

He is survived by his wife Lydia Lorenzin of Mooresville; his daughters Alexis Lorenzin and Lisa Lorenzin, and son-in-law Mike Broome; and sisters Priscilla Tomei and Anita Mitchell and their families.

Memorials may be sent to the Mooresville Soup Kitchen.