William “Bill” H. Towe ’55

Bill Towe died October 18, 2013. Bill was a father, grandfather, and trouble making peace activist. He was happily married to Betsy Jean Towe for 47 years.

Bill dedicated his life working for peace and justice. In the 1960s, he left his job as a history teacher to devote himself full time to the Civil Rights Movement. Since then, he’s been fighting for voter’s rights, fair housing, racial equality, against wars and nuclear proliferation – among other things. His work as a peace – and trouble – maker has taken many forms – from senior planner of Soul City or research director for the NC Voter Education Project to the more colorful ‘Captain Boomerang’ – Bill’s anti-war superhero character. Most recently, he worked with Peace Action at the local and national level.

Bill is survived by children Christopher Towe, 170 Sunset Dr., Athens GA 30606-2846 , and Maria Towe; his grandchildren Beatrix Towe and Matthew Schroeder-Towe and good people Kristin Murphy and Hanna, Richard and Molly Parker.

To honor Bill, contributions may be given to an organization of your choice.