William Noble Horton ’70

William Noble Horton ’70, 62, of Clayton, Calif., passed away on April 15 from the effects of prostate cancer. Horton was the first professional to affiliate with FSG (Finance Scholars Group), in its infancy, as a principal of the firm. He made immeasurable contributions to what was then a three-person firm, not the least of which were his indomitable good humor and good spirits. Many of the decisions that set FSG on its current path were made under Horton’s watchful guidance. Horton is survived by his wife, Diane B. Horton, 5844 Verna Way E., Clayton, CA 94517-1105; five children, Kristina, Cheryl, Nick ’06, Becky ’09, and Audra; and one son-in-law. He was a Vietnam veteran (platoon and company commander, 1st Air Cavalry) and a graduate (with distinction) of the Harvard Business School. Before joining FSG, Horton had a 35-year career in investment banking and as an operating executive with, among others, Goldman Sachs and Hambrecht & Quist. He was also a business school lecturer and served on a number of boards for businesses and educational institutions. Horton not only understood business, finance, and corporate governance, but also understood people.