Robert Allen Wright ’73

Robert Allen Wright ’73 passed away Aug. 14 at his residence in Atlanta, Ga. Wright was born Nov. 7, 1951, in Wilmington, N.C. He grew up in Atlanta and graduated from Davidson, where he was involved in theatre, which was his passion and his career. His brother, Russ, recalled that Wright’s interest in the stage began at an early age, with the plays he’d stage in the basement of their parents’ home. After college Wright worked with many productions for the Alliance Theatre and many other venues both locally and internationally. Most recently, he was stage manager for a number of productions for Marietta’s Theatre in the Square, where he shared many good times working with management, staff, and performers. Wright was preceded in death by his parents, Charles Vernon Wright and Catherine Weaver Wright. Survivors include his brother and sister-in-law, C. Russell Wright and Whit Perrin Wright, 2129 Grandview Rd., Jasper, GA 30143-3313. He also leaves many dear friends and colleagues for whom he cared deeply.