2 Replies to “Allie L. Cone, Jr. ’55”

  1. Al Cone was my Dad. I discovered this site today (11/25/2013). Six years ago this week he passed away. Dad was a great storyteller and had fond memories of his years at Davidson. He was a member of Kappa Alpha and I recall some great tales of non-academic adventures with his frat brothers. When time came for me to begin looking at schools, Davidson was at the top of my list and despite the fact that we lived hundreds of miles apart (and Davidson wasn’t geographically close to either of us) he took me to tour the campus and the region. While I didn’t end up going there, I will never forget our weekend together checking out his old stomping ground. I hope that some of his classmates and friends will post memories of him here. It’s a great way to keep our friends’ and loved ones’ memories alive not just for ourselves but also for their descendants. God bless you all.

  2. Thank you for posting such a sweet and heart-felt comment on your father. We indeed hope former classmates will comment as well. Sharing stories is such an easy and wonderful way to keep memories alive.

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