William Cunningham Sugg ’49

William Cunningham Sugg, M.D. ’49 formerly of Nursing Center Winston-Salem He was awarded a medical degree from Medical College Philadelphia He served the U.S. Navy in WWII as a pharmacist’s mate, 3rd class in NAB Yonabaru, Forsyth Medical Center for thirty-seven years. In retirement he served as director of medical services for the Blumenthal Jewish Home for the Aged. He dedicated his mind and heart to the medical profession and helping those in need. He was preceded in death by his wife of thirty-five years, Alice Millicent Brown Sugg; his parents, Benjamin Bruce Sugg, Sr. and Lillian Gray Sugg; and three brothers, Harold Gray Sugg ’37, Benjamin Bruce Sugg, Jr. ’33, and Fordyce Harding Sugg, Sr. ’40. He is survived by two sisters-in-law, Sarah B. Sugg and Catherine Sugg; six nieces and three nephews.