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  1. I was a friend and shipmate of Lieutenant (jg) Josiah M. (“Jody”) Flournoy. He was a Naval Aviator who flew single-seat A-7 attack aircraft while deployed with his squadron, Attack Squadron FIFTEEN (VA-15) on the aircraft carrier USS America (CV-66). During a nighttime training mission on June 7, 1976, south of the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea, while flying in close formation as briefed with an A-6, another jet from our air wing, he was involved in a high altitude midair collision with the A-6. Jody was almost certainly killed instantly. His aircraft plummeted thousands of feet into the dark, mortally damaged. Nothing was ever found of Jody, and he was officially listed as “lost at sea.”

    Jody was a true Southern gentleman. You should be proud of him. He was a great guy.

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