Frank Richard Walker ’41

Frank Richard Walker ’41 of Charlotte, N.C. died December 26, 2006. He led a life of dedication and honor, working lovingly and diligently in all the areas of his life. Frank was proud of his service to his family, his country, and his church. He was a World War II veteran, having served in the Pacific Theater as a Marine Captain in the 4th Division. He was a faithful member of St. John’s Baptist Church for more than fifty-six years. He served his church in many capacities. He was the superintendent of the junior high department, and later a teacher for the single young adult group. He was chairman of the board of deacons; later he became a deacon emeritus. He worked with great commitment throughout his life, building his own business, Walker-Engle and Associates, from which he retired in 1983. In his retirement he most often could be found tending the beautiful growing things he loved so much. He cultivated award-winning camellias, azaleas, boxwoods, and wonderful vegetable gardens at his homes in Charlotte and at LakeNorman. Above all, Frank was a family man. He loved his wife and proudly commemorated each anniversary from the 50th to their 64th by adding a single red rose to a permanent arrangement that was displayed in their home. In 1942, he married his sweetheart, Marjorie Weller, 3610 Randolph Rd., Charlotte, N.C.28211. Survivors include his daughter, Patricia Walker Philemon and her husband Arnold; his son, Frank Richard Walker, Jr. and Cindy Osborne, and Frank Jr.’s former wife Linda P. Walker; his grandchildren, Leslie Parker and husband Jeff, and their daughters, Emily and Hannah, Dana Webb and husband Doug, and their daughters Olivia and Kendall, and David P. Walker and his wife Ashley Marks.